Current Livestock Stock List

At Finest Aquatics, we pride ourselves in supplying high quality livestock at all times. We attempt to source many unusual and lesser seen species and offer these to walk in customers at our Widnes store, and UK wide to all customers using a fully DEFRA approved shipping service.

We are currently working on adding all livestock to the website on a what you see if what you get basis, which will include pictures and prices of each species. In the mean time, we have a summarised list of our stock below. To find out pricing, request images/videos, or to order any of the livestock below, please call us on 0151 558 1110 or email us on: Alternatively, for a faster response, please inbox our Facebook page using the handy messenger popout in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

We can ship our livestock in the UK using a fully DEFRA approved courier (APC). This service includes a full DOA guarantee. The cost for this service is £29.95 and includes all packaging and courier charges. For certain fish and coral species, we can ship via Royal Mail Special Delivery for £14.95, but this service does not come supplied with any DOA cover.


Marines (Updated 05/04/22)


***Kingi (Apolemicthys kingi)***
Emperor (Juv, Sub Adlt)
French (Juv)
Passer (Juv)

Dwarf Angelfish

Coral Beauty
Lemon Peel X Half Black


Black Ice
Black Ice Snowflake
Black Storm Pair
Gold Nugget Maroon
Ice Storm Pair
Lightning Maroon
Nearly Naked
Orange Storm
Pink Skunk
Tomato Pair
Wild Chocolate Clowns
Wild Clarkii (Pair)


Blue Eye Kole
Blue Face Scopas
Gold Rush
Lipstick (Ind Ocean)
Powder Blue
White Tail Kole

Blennies & Gobies

Chalk Goby
Midas Blenny
Algae Blenny
Orange Spot Goby
Spotted Manderin

Butterfly Fish

Moorish Idol
Pyramid Yellow
Tear Drop (Ind Ocean)


Aiptasia Eating


Bluethroat (Pairs)
Linespot (Xanthichthys lineopunctatus)


Candycane Hog
Harlequin Tusk (Aus)
Pink Shimmering
Quoyi Parrot

Damsels, Cardinals & Chromis

Blue Reef Chromis
Green Chromis

Dottyback’s & Gramma’s

Orchid Dottyback
Royal Gramma
Swissguard Basslet

Puffers & Boxfish

Blue Jewel Puffer (Lg)
Porky Puffer

Hawkfish & Bass

Ark Eye Hawk
Chalk Bass
Falco Hawk
Flame Hawk
Freckle Face Hawk
Longnose Hawk


Lyretail Wreckfish (Male & Female)

Dartfish & Tilefish

Blue Tilefish
Helfrichi Firefish
Purple Firefish
Red Firefish

Pipefish & Seahorses

Banded Pipefish
Candy Pipefish
Dwarf Blue Pipefish
Flame Pipefish

Miscellaneous & Venomous Marine

Foxface Yellow
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish
Volitans Lionfish
Zebra Dwarf Lionfish

LPS Corals

Aussie Gold Torch
Bleeding Apple Scolly
Bounce Mushroom
Cynarina Green
Cynarina Pink
Dragon Soul Torch
Gold Tip Torch
Hellfire Torch
Holy Grail Torch
Indo Gold Torch
Master Scolly
NY Knicks Torch
Rainbow Acan's
Rainbow Fungia
Reverse Bleeding Apple Scolly
Superman Scolly
UFO Scolly
Warpaint Scolly

SPS Corals

Various Acropora Colonies
Various Acropora Frags
Various Montipora
Various Montipora Frags


White Malu


Freshwater (Updated 08/04/22)

Our freshwater list is of the more interesting / unusual species. We do also stock a wide range of other more common freshwater species.



Common Name Scientific Name Single Price Deal Price
Rummy Nose Tetra Hemmigrammus bleheri £2.95 5 for 12.50
Cardinal Tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi £2.95 5 for 12.50
Neon Tetra Paracheirodon innesi £2.50 5 for 10
Smudge Spot Cory Corydoras similis £5.95 3 for 16
Panda Cory Corydoras panda £3.95 5 for 15
Sterbai Cory Corydoras sterbai £5.95 3 for 16
False Julii Cory Corydoras julii £4.95 3 for 14
Red Phantom Tetra Megalamphodus sweglesi £2.50 5 for £10
Black Emperor Tetra Nematobrycon palmeri var £2.95 5 for 12.50
Congo Tetra Phenacogrammus interruptus £5.95 3 for 16
Diamond Neon Tetra Paracheirodon innesi var £2.95 5 for 12.50
Gold Tetra Hemmigrammus rodwayi £2.50 5 for 10
Ember Tetra Hyphessobrycon amandae £2.50 5 for 10
Green Rasbora Microdevario kubotai £4.50 5 for 20
Emerald Dwarf Rasbora Celestichthys erythromicron £4.50 5 for 20
Clown Loach Botia macracantha £7.95 3 for 20
Tiger Barb Puntigrus tetrazona £2.50 5 for 10
Siamese Algae Eater Crossocheilus siamensis £2.50 5 for 10
Cherry Barb Puntius titteya £2.00 5 for 9
Checkered Barb Oliotius oligolepis £2.50 5 for 10
Odessa Barb Pethia padamya £2.95 4 for 10
Boesemani Rainbow Melanotaenia boesemani £6.95 3 for 18
Galaxy Rasbora Celestichthys margartatus £4.50 5 for 20
Harlequin Rasbora Trigonostigma heteromorpha £2.95 5 for 12.50
Long-Fin Alestes Brycinus longipinnis £8.95  
Red Lip Headstander Anostomus ternetzi £14.95  
Sixray Cory Aspidoras pauciradiatus £5.95  
Emerald Cory (wild) Brochis splendens £19.95  
Pygmy Cory Corydoras pygmaeus £2.95 5 for 14
Spotted Headstander Chilodus punctatus £5.95 3 for 15
Splash Tetra Copella arnoldi £5.95 4 for 20
Skunk Cory Corydoras arcuatus £11.95 3 for 30
Slate Cory Corydoras concolor £13.95 3 for 40
Horsemans Cory (wild) Corydoras eques £29.95  
Kane's Cory Corydoras kanei £7.95 3 for 22
Green Gold Cory Corydoras melanotaenia £11.95 3 for 30
Green Neon Paracheirodon simulans £2.00 5 for 9
Clown Killi Epiplatys annulatus £3.95 5 for 18
Dwarf Chain Loach Ambastaia sidthimunki £8.95  
Glowlight Danio Danio choprae £3.95 5 for 18
Glass Fish Parambassis lala £3.50 5 for 15
Espei Rasbora (wild) Rasbora espei £2.75 5 for 12
Sawbwa Barb Sawbwa resplendens £6.95 5 for 32
Golden White Cloud Minnow Tanichthys albonubes £2.95 5 for 12.50
Guianacara sp. Orinoco Guianacara sp. Orinoco £18.95  
German Blue Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £7.95  
Wild Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £8.95  
Gold Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £8.95  
Neon Blue Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £14.95  
Gold Bristlenose Ancistrus sp. £11.95  
Otocinclus Affinis SP Otocinclus Affinis £4.50 3 for 12
Golden Angels Pterophyllum Scalare £4.95  
Mixed Veil Angel Pterophyllum Scalare £4.95  
Koi Angel Pterophyllum Scalare £4.95  
Orange Sunkist Shrimp SP Caridina Sp. £3.95 3 for 10
Mixed Platy Xiphophorus Maculatus £2.50 5 for 10
Mixed Molly Poecilia Latipinna £2.50 5 for 10
Mixed Lyretail Molly Poecilia Latipinna £2.50 5 for 10
Orange Sailfin Molly (Pairs) Poecilia Latipinna £9.95  
Golden Marble Sailfin Molly (Pairs) Poecilia Latipinna £9.95  
Blood Red Sailfin Molly (Pairs) Poecilia Latipinna £9.95  
Marble Bronze Sailfin Molly (Pairs) Poecilia Latipinna £9.95  
Mosquito Rasbora SP* Rasbora Brigittae £2.00 5 for 9
Mini Rasbora Boraras Urophthalmoides £2.00 5 for 9
Zebra Stripe Snail SP* Neritina Species    
Red Onion Snail SP* Neritina Species    
Japonica Shrimp SP* Caridina Japonica    
Blue Rili Shrimp SP* Neocaridina Heteropoda Var.    
Orange Rili Shrimp SP* Neocaridina Heteropoda Var.    
Red Nerite Snail Vittina Waigiensis    
Pearl Gourami Trichogaster Leerie £4.95  
Croaking Gourami Trichopsis Vittata £2.50 5 for 10
Mixed Colisa (Male) Colisa Lalia £4.95  
Diamond Angel Pterophyllum Scalare £4.95  
Sumo Loach Schistura Balteata £3.95  
Tiger Hillstream Loach Sewellia Lineolata £4.95  
Bumble Bee Horn Snail SP* Trochus Sp. £1.95  
Bumble Bee Shrimp SP Caridina Sp. £3.95  
Cherry Shrimp Caridina Sp. £3.95  
Crystal Red Shrimp SP* Caridina Sp. £4.95  
Black Crystal Shrimp Caridina Sp. £6.95  
Red Endler Guppy (Male) SP Poecilia Wingei £2.95 5 for 12.50
Peppered Catfish Corydoras Paleatus £2.95 4 for 10
Bronze Catfish Corydoras Aeneus £2.95 4 for 10
Thailand Glass Catfish Kryptopterus Bicirrhis £3.50 5 for 15
Black Tiger Dario SP Dario sp. Myanmar £2.95 5 for 12.50
Microrasbora Kubotai Microrasbora Kubotai £4.50 5 for 20
Neon Dwarf Rainbow Melanotaenia Praecox £4.50 5 for 20
Popondetta/Furcata Rainbow Popondicuththys Furcata £2.50 5 for 10
Gertrude Rainbow Pseudomugil Gertrudae £2.50 5 for 10
Pseudomugil Red Neon SP Pseudomugil cf paskai £2.95 5 for 12.50
Silver Dollar Metynnis Argenteus £2.95 5 for 12.50
Rice Fish Oryzias Woworae £3.50 5 for 15
Sakura Shrimp Caridina Sp.    
Yellow Shrimp SP* Neocaridina Heteropoda Var.    
Red Rili Shrimp SP Neocaridina Heteropoda Var.    
Golden Sunset Shrimp Caridina Sp.    
Dark Blue Shrimp SP Neocaridina Sp.    
Male Fighters Betta splendens £7.95  
LOACH-KUHLI  Acanthophtalmus semicinctus £2.95  
RAINBOW-TREADFIN ( PAIR ) Iriatherina werneri £3.50 5 for 15
HATCHET-BLACK LINE SILVER Gateropelecus levis £3.50 5 for 15
TETRA-GLOWLIGHT  Hemigrammus erythrozonus £2.50 5 for 12
PLECO-TIGER GOLD L-333 BELO MONTE  Hypancistrus sp £55.00  
BETTA-CROWN TAIL FEMALE  Betta splenden  £4.95  
BETTA-PLAKAT CANDY MALE  Betta splendens £39.95  
ELECTRIC BLUE ACARA  Aequidens pulcher £8.95  
GEOPHAGUS RED HEAD TAPAJOS geophagus red head tapajos £17.95  
PLECO-ORINOCO ANGEL L201 Hypancistrus inspector £45.00  
PLECO-L136B Hypancistrus sp £55.00  
TETRA-DIAMOND  Mounkhousia pitteri £3.50 5 for 15
TETRA-SUPER BLUE EMPEROR     Inpaichthys kerri var £4.50 5 for 20
CORYDORAS-VENEZUELA ORANGE Corydoras venezuelanus £10.95 3 for 30
CORYDORAS-FLAG TAILED PANDA Corydoras oiapoquensis £14.95  
CORYDORAS-SUPER PARALLELUS  Corydoras CW127 "Super Parallelus" £29.95  
PLECO-L236 SPECISL WHITE Hypancistrus sp £180.00  
PLECO-L236 SPECISL WHITE Hypancistrus sp £235.00  
PLECO-L82 Ancistrinae sp £120.00  
PLECO-ALENQUER TIGER L397 Panaqolus sp £55.00  
PLECO-L450  Hypancistrus sp £55.00  
Golden Guppy Poecilia reticulata £2.95 5 for 12
Green Cobra Guppy Poecilia reticulata £2.50 5 for 12
Female Guppy Assorted Poecilia reticulata £2.00 5 for 9
Endler Green Cobra Poecilia wingei £2.95 5 for 12
Pineapple Mosaic Guppy Poecilia reticulata £2.95 5 for 12
Endler Red Guppy Poecilia wingei £2.95 5 for 12
Santa Claus Guppy Poecilia reticulata £2.95 5 for 12
Koi Tuxedo Guppy Poecilia reticulata £2.95 5 for 12
Miracle Mickey Mouse Platy Xiphophorus maculatus £2.50 5 for 10
Swordtail Assorted Xiphophorus helleri £2.95 5 for 12
Swordtail Pineapple Xiphophorus helleri £2.95 5 for 12
Ranchu Goldfish Carassius auratus £5.95  
Black Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £19.95  
German Blue Ram Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £5.95  
Purple Pencilfish Nannostomus rubrocaudatus £17.95  
Cardinal Tetra Paracheirodon axelrodi £2.95 5 for 12.50
Gold Tetra Hyphessobrycon saizi £3.50 5 for 15
Black Tiger Badis Dario cf. hysignon £5.95 3 for 15
Pea Puffers Carinotetraodon travancoricus £2.95 5 for 12.50
Sailfin Molly Poecillia sp. £9.95 Pair  
Inca Cichlid Apistogramma baenschi £12.95  
Red Mask Apisto Apistogramma macmasteri £12.95  
Pastel Blue Apisto Apistogramma cf. agassizii £9.95  
Cockatoo Cichlid Apistogramma cacatuoides £9.95  
Manacapuru Red Back Angel Pterophyllum scalare £10.95 2 for 20
Green Severum Heros efasciatus £5.95 2 for 10
Wild Mouthbrooding Severum Heros liberifer £39.95 6 for 200
Black Darter Tetra Poecilocharax weitzmani £3.50 5 for 15
Lemon Tetra Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis £2.50 5 for 10
Red Eye Tetra Moenkhausua sanctaefilomenae £2.50 5 for 10
Rio Tambo Bristlenose Ancistrus tamboensis £10.95  
Blue Eye Bristlenose Ancistrus sp. £8.95  
Small Bristlenose Ancistrus sp. £4.95  
Royal Panaque Panaque nigrolineatus £29.95  
Peruvian Pygmy Woodcat Tachelichthys exilis £9.95  
Fairy Cory Corydoras atropersonatus £5.95 3 for 15
Zebra Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare £6.95  


Koi - Ghost
Koi - Grade A
Loach - Hillstream
Loach - Weather
Mountain Minnow
Oranda - Black Moor
Oranda - Pearlscale
Ranchu Assorted (Sm)
Telescope Eye Oranda


Please Note: Although we make every effort to keep this stock list up to date at all times, occasionally there may be a delay between a livestock item being sold and being removed from this list. The prices shown may also change depending on sizes, the above prices are intended as a guide only. If you are travelling to the store, we always recommend checking stock availability in advance by telephone on 0151 558 1110. Many thanks for your understanding.