Red Sea REEFER Deluxe XXL 750 Reef Systems (ReefLED 90)

Red Sea REEFER Deluxe XXL 750 Reef Systems (ReefLED 90)

Red Sea REEFER Deluxe XXXL (3XL) 900 Reef Systems (ReefLED 90)


The Red Sea REEFER XXXL 900 (AKA “The Beast”) is the largest model currently available in in the REEFER series. The rimless reef systems designed for the advanced marine hobbyists.

The Red Sea REEFER Deluxe series are rimless reef systems with the Red Sea ReefLED lighting, specifically designed for reef keeping in mind.

REEFER Deluxe | Reef System

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Red Sea’s REEFER systems are a contemporary reef system that combines a rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a sleek and stylish cabinet.

The 3XL 900 is the biggest of the REEFER range at whole 2 meters long, and 900 litres in total volume!

The 3XL 900 has an enlarged overflow box with the same “V3” return as the XXL 750 (V3), with dual side-facing outlets to provide the best return water circulation.

Hidden inside the cabinet is a comprehensive water management system which includes a professional ‘refugium ready’ sump and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.

The 3XL 900 features a split-sump system that is comprised of the main REEFER sump and a 60 litre sump extension. The main REEFER sump is designed for the main filtration with optional refugium and the usual REEFER spec. The sump extension is set on the right of the cabinet and can be connected to the main sump. This gives you the option to use the sump extension as either a top up reservoir, an enlarged refugium or as a dedicated frag tank.




The Included Red Sea ReefLED 90 Lighting

The Red Sea ReefLED Series of lighting is a result of years of research into the specific lighting needs of corals.

The main part of the unit is a single compact LED array which includes: a multi-wavelength Reef-Spec 23,000 Kelvin Blue channel (a blend of blue, violet and UV LED’s), a 9,000K White and also a separate 3w Moonlight channel. This provides a wide range of Reef-Spec lighting that looks stunning and is 100% appreciated by corals.

The ReefLED have an enormously wide spread of light due to the hollow optical-glass lenses. The whole lens is recessed into the unit, preventing glare and light shining into the viewers eyes.

All ReefLED models are equipped with built in WiFi which ensures full control via the Red Sea ReefBeat App. The App includes pre-set lighting programs plus additional feature such as sunrise/sunset, lunar cycle, random clouds and even an acclimation program.




Red Sea REEFER Deluxe 3XL 900 Features:

• Dual (side facing) return outlets – for better water distribution.

• REEF-SPEC® lighting for optimal coral growth and coloration

• Split-Sump – unsurpassed flexibility

• Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium.

• Elegant, marine-spec, laminated, plywood cabinet with adjustable feet.

• Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required.

• Professional refugium ready sump with adjustable height skimmer chamber.

• Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow.

• Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir.

• Micron filter bags and filter media cups (4 in total).


Reefer 3XL 900 Specifications:

Total System Dimensions (inc Cabinet): L200cm x W65cm x H153cm / L79” x W25.6” x H60”

Total System Volume (inc Sump): 900 Litres

Display Volume: 720 Litres

Sump Volume: 180 Litres

RO Reservoir Volume (auto top-up): 28.7 Litres

Glass Thickness: 19mm (Ultra Clear)


Sump Details:

Main Sump

Skimmer Chamber (without Refugium wall): 45 x 51cm

Skimmer Chamber (with Refugium wall): 45 x 28cm

Pump Chamber: 33 x 28cm

Water Height: 21 - 27cm / 8.3” x 10.6”

Return Nozzle: 25mm

Recommended Return Pump Size: 10,000l/h

Extension Sump

Dimensions: 51 x 42cm

Volume: 60 Litres

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