Red Sea MAX NANO Reef Systems


Red Sea’s Fully Featured, 75 Litre, Plug & Play Nano Reef Systems.

MAX Nano | Nano Reef System

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Red Sea’s MAX Nano systems are a contemporary reef system that combines a rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a sleek and stylish cabinet.



Hidden in a rear compartment of the aquarium is a comprehensive water management system which includes the filter sock, an integrated automatic top-up, protein skimmer and a 950l/h circulation pump which circulates the entire water volume 12 times an hour.

The NANO Protein Skimmer has been specifically designed for the most intensive corals such as SPS. The full system volume passes through the skimmer approx. every 3 hours, with a 3 to 1 water to air ratio.


The MAX Nano also comes supplied with the ReefLED 50 LED Light Unit which are specifically designed to ensure optimal growth and colour in the corals.

The main part of the ReefLED is a single compact LED array which includes: a multi-wavelength Reef-Spec 23,000 Kelvin Blue channel (a blend of blue, violet and UV LED’s), a 8,000K White and also a separate 3w Moonlight channel. This provides a wide range of Reef-Spec lighting that looks stunning and is 100% appreciated by corals.


The ReefLED have an enormously wide spread of light due to the hollow optical-glass lenses. The whole lens is recessed into the unit, preventing glare and light shining into the viewers eyes.

All ReefLED models are equipped with built in WiFi which ensures full control via the Red Sea ReefBeat App. The App includes pre-set lighting programs plus additional feature such as sunrise/sunset, lunar cycle, random clouds and even an acclimation program.


Red Sea MAX® NANO Features

System water volume
Combined aquarium and sump 
75 L
(20 gal)
Aquarium volume
Display tank
62 L
Rear Sump volume
Rear sump
13 L
( 3.5 gal)
Aquarium glass thickness
Ultra-clear front and side panels
8 mm
Surface skimmer
Removable Surface Skimmer
LED Lighting system
ReefLED™ 50
1 unit
Lighting control  Wi-Fi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and Wi-Fi enabled Mac or PC.
Total circulation lph (gph)  Hidden circulation pump
1 x 950 (240gph)
Protein skimmer
Water flow
180 Lph (46gph)
Air flow
60 Lph (15gph)
Integrated power center
Individual on/off switches for circulation and skimmer pumps
Mechanical filtration Standard 225 Micron filter bags
(optional 100 micron bags)
Filtration media Red Sea REEF-SPEC® Carbon
(3.5 oz)
Automatic Top-Off ATO with 1.5L freshwater reservoir
Cabinet  Marine Spec cabinet with weatherproof doors
Display tank
45 cm
 Display tank 45 cm
Display tank 45 cm
Total system height
(excluding LED light unit)
132 cm
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